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Houston, we have a problem.

over 1,500,000,000 single-use plastic water bottles are consumed every single day

as a result...

more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. 

so we asked ourselves if there was a ‘better way to water’ and eliminate the need for plastic water bottles to begin with.


Our Solution.

We've created an all-in-one smart and sustainable device that connects straight to your tap, so you can have filtered, carbonated, and flavored water at the push of a button.

No more fumbling with pitcher filters, no more running to the store, and best of all—no more unnecessary plastic bottle waste.

A convenient solution that’s good for you, and even better for our planet.

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we care about ocean preservation

We're dedicated to the revitalization of coral around the world, partnering with nonprofit The Hydrous to help clean up our oceans and educate consumers on our coral ecosystems. In addition, a percentage of our proceeds will be donated to global coral restoration. 

The rOcean One promises advanced water filtration, carbonation, and flavoring all in a single device. All you need to provide is a reusable water bottle, and the smart water ecosystem will provide the rest.
— Yahoo!
I enjoy all pod gadgets and have really never seen one that doesn’t try to make its users stick to their own pods. Users could theoretically buy flavors online and fill the pods with them. rOcean’s idea is a new play! I like it.
— Ashley Carman, The Verge
The built-in water filtration system of the rOcean products claims to remove lead, arsenic, asbestos, cysts, chlorine, mercury, and 79 other contaminants. Moreover, rOcean devices claim to perform 15 times better and have filters that last 10 times longer than Brita.
— Lulu Chang, Digital Trends
The sleek and stylish unit that “takes cues from Modernist architecture”, and also has customizable aesthetics like interchangeable, magnetic face plates in colors like gold, gunmetal, wood grain, and hunter green, looks more like a Dyson air purifier than a typical kitchen appliance.
— Melissa Massello, Apartment Therapy

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