3 health reasons to drink tap water rather than bottled water

tap water

You must have heard about it a thousand times: plastic bottles are bad for the environment and for your health. They pollute our oceans, our rivers, our lakes. They help microparticles of plastic to enter your body with almost every sip. Everybody is talking about it. Even here, at rOcean, we like to have our share of plastic pollution news.

With all the scary stuff you read online, heard on the radio or saw on TV, you're ready to ditch the plastic bottle once and for all, but you need to find a good replacement first. After all, bottled water might be pictured as the devil, but it still is convenient, accessible, and healthier than tap water, right? Wrong.

Here are three good reasons why you should ditch the plastic bottle for filtered tap water instead.

 1/ Tap water is safe to drink, using the right filter

Tap water is safe and healthy to drink, as long as you use the right water filter at home. In fact, bottled water is not as safe as you might think it is. Numerous studies have shown that most water in plastic bottles contain microparticles of plastic, which are harmful for you and for the environment. When absorbed by the body, microplastics can release chemicals straight into your body cells. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors and can be a serious threat, especially for pregnant women, who pass them on to their children.

On top of that, it is interesting to know that 25% of the bottled water you buy in a shop is nothing more but glorified tap water. With a little extra filtration and some carbon dioxide for the sparkling effect, the bottled version is sold to you at a higher price, but it still is coming from the same source. How can you tell the difference? Check carefully the labels and if there is a source of water mentioned on it.

As for tap water, to be drinkable, it goes through a complex system of filtration and disinfection before reaching your tap. However, even with that system, microplastics and some pathogens can go through. Let's not even mention the strong chlorine taste and smell your water may have. That's why at rOcean, we are dedicated at making tap water 100% safe to drink, for you and for your family.

Our rOcean One device has a powerful filtration system that clears out 99% of microplastics and other key contaminants, connecting straight to your tap. Our device filtration system is 15 times more effective than any other pitcher filter, clearing your tap water of all the nasty stuff that might be in it and making it safe and healthy to drink.


2/ Tap water is cheaper and can be filtered, flavored and carbonized at home

One argument in favor of bottled water is that it is convenient and that it can be taken anywhere. Truth is, so can filtered tap water, if you pre-fill your bottle at home! Think about it, there is nothing more convenient than tap water: it is cheap, and you can fill up just about how much you want in your bottle in one go.

Drinking filtered tap water instead of bottled water will help you save a lot of money, and you can add whatever you want to it to make it even tastier. But at rOcean, we understand that you don't always have time to slice up a lemon, chop some fresh fruits or carbonize your water yourself before drinking it. That's why we came up with an easy and convenient solution.

Our rOcean One device allows you to flavor and carbonize your water to your taste, using a micro-dosing system. Our flavor pods are eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, so you can reuse them instead of throwing them away like with most pods.

 3/ Tap water is better for the environment

Over one million plastic bottles are consumed every minute of every day. That's 50 billion bottles per year, from which 80% will end up dumped in landfills and in our oceans. Drinking filtered tap water instead of buying bottles means less plastic consumed, and less pollution in our oceans!

Use a reusable eco-friendly bottle and fill it up at home before leaving your house through our rOcean One, and lower your carbon footprint. Our planet is drowning in plastic, and small things such as ditching plastic bottles can make a huge difference. #BeTheChange


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