An all-female crew investigates the dangerous effects of plastic chemicals on women's bodies

women body plastic

As scientists are starting to examine how poisonous and toxic plastic is for marine life and human health, an all-female crew led by sailor Emily Penn has set out to investigate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

In an article published by the BBC, sailor Emily Penn said that 'her own medical tests had convinced her of the potential toxic impacts of plastic, especially for women'. When she tested her own body for some of these chemicals that can be found in the ocean and in plastic, she found them inside of her. Many of them are endocrine disruptors.

Those chemicals can be a dangerous threat for pregnant women, as they are hormone disruptors and can be passed on to the child through childbirth and breastfeeding.

The data that the mission will gather on plastics in the seas, in the air and in the sediments will be shared with universities in the UK, the US, Canada and Switzerland.

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