3 compelling reasons why you need to drink more water

Drinking water is the very essence of our being today. Comprised of more than 60% of waterourselves, we need a constant influx of fresh, clean water to ensure our health is preserved and protected. When your water intake does not equal your output, your body quickly becomes dehydrated, resulting in lethargic movements, underperformance, blurry vision, and a slew of other negative side effects.


Here are just 3 reasons why you need to prioritize drinking water every day:

1. Bodily Fluid Balance:

Since more than half of you is made up of water, you need a lot of water coming in to ensure your body stays in homeostasis. Your body needs water to digest, absorb nutrients, circulate your blood, create saliva, transport nutrients, and maintain your body temperature.

2. Weight Maintenance:

Although water doesn’t have any magical weight loss characteristic for your body, substituting it for the higher calorie beverages, like soft drinks and juices, is a major step toward maintaining an ideal weight. If you simply replace your 3 soft drinks with water each day, that’s an upward of 600 calories you’re sparing in the process.

3. Muscle Stimulation:

When your cells aren’t delivered with the water they need to maintain their electrolytes, you become fatigued. Your muscular performance suffers, and you feel tired and unable to complete the tasks ahead of you. Especially when exercising, water fuels your muscles and propels your body forward, making you able to withstand strenuous fitness regimes and demanding daily schedules.

The list goes on. Water is the most essential resource for any living organism to survive today. Though constant water consumption is beneficial for your health in the short and long term, try and do your part to cut back on the plastic waste as a result of the water bottle industry.

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