January blues? 5 reasons to get excited about heading into the office

2018 is in full swing. We made some resolutions and we tried to instil a new attitude for the New Year. Yet, we find ourselves feeling less than excited, to say the least, about waking up in the morning and heading into the office.

rOcean: Hydrating in the Office

January, can get even the most positive people down. So we thought we’d share a couple of tips to help you overcome those January Blues and feel a little more excited about heading into the office:

  1. Hydrate! Yes, indeed drink more water! December was a crazy month. You probably didn’t ingest too much of the healthier foods and drinks being offered to you. Giving your body a little love by drinking a couple of liters of water per day would instantly make you feel better about yourself and uplift your spirits. Try and make a water consumption schedule that involves sipping some agua every hour.

  2. Exercise. There’s nothing quite like natural endorphins. We know it’s tough to start but once you do, you’ll feel more naturally elated and energized throughout the day. Find a workout buddy to help keep you motivated.

  3. The Weather. Yes, we know it’s cold. But there’s nothing lovelier than bundling up and going out for a stroll. Enjoy the crispness. Breathe in the cold air and let it invigorate you each morning. You know you’re going to be complaining when the hot, sticky weather comes back!

  4. Rest. Whether it’s just shutting your eyes for a bit, meditating or just doing absolutely nothing, give your mind some mental respite each day. If only for 10-minutes, practice the discipline of unwinding, turning your phone off, and reflecting on your day. Luckily there are plenty apps out there that can offer some handholding.

  5. Give Back. Our planet needs your help. Make an effort in trying to minimize your plastic consumption. You’ll not only contribute in bettering the environment, but in a way you’ll be doing something philanthropic, elevating your self-worth above simply holding a professional position.

Kick Your January Blues

By giving back, investing in your personal health and well-being, and providing yourself with some mental respite you will surely kick those January blues out the door for good.

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