rOcean becomes a SECORE partner to support coral restoration

rOcean becomes a SECORE partner to support coral restoration

Coral reefs are crucial to humanity and to the Oceans. They provide food and income benefitting 500 million people every day and are home to more than 25% of marine life. However, coral reefs are also endangered. Warming waters, ocean acidification, destructive fishing practices and plastic pollution threaten the survival of corals around the world and, with it, the survival of their marine life.


What's more, when coral comes in contact with marine plastic, its chances of becoming infected increase from 4% to 89%, quickly killing the reefs. Without healthy coral reefs, there are no healthy oceans. And without healthy oceans, there is no healthy planet.


rOcean is partnering with SECORE to support coral restoration


At rOcean, we are dedicated to saving and protecting our oceans. That's why we have now partnered up with SECORE International, a leading conservation organization for the protection and restoration of coral reefs. The work of SECORE focuses on four main areas: education, research, outreach and active restoration. Their coral restoration work is currently underway in Curacao, Mexico, Guam and the Bahamas.


To support them with their amazing work, we are donating a percentage of each sale of a rOcean One device to support their efforts to protect and restore coral reefs.


If you would like to learn more about SECORE International, visit their website.


SECORE International

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