Frequently Asked Questions

Is this more convenient than just buying bottled water?
We designed rOcean to help you save time and money, so you can help the environment without having to think about it. No more lugging bottles from the supermarket. No more exorbitant prices for something that you can get from your faucet at home. With rOcean, your favorite water beverage is just a button press away. 

How environmentally friendly is it?
The Pacific Institute estimates that the total amount of energy used for one plastic bottle of water is equivalent to filling a quarter of that bottle with oil. The rOcean allows you to use your own tap and reusable bottles or carafes so that you can always have the water you want with a much smaller environmental impact. Less packaging and less transportation mean less CO2 is dumped into the atmosphere. This means every time you choose to fill a bottle with the rOcean instead of buying a plastic one, you are reducing your CO2 emissions by 80% and your plastic waste by 99%.

What types of beverages can I make?
rOcean is amazing because it allows you to virtually recreate any of your favorite water beverages straight from your tap. All you need to do is fill our reusable rOcean pods with flavors and/or enhancers from our expanding selection or with your own flavors (like some freshly squeezed lemon juice). What’s more, you have full control over the flavor intensity, meaning you make flavors as strong or as subtle as you want. Our patent-pending pod design lets you easily swap between flavors without leaving residue, so you'll never mix flavors when you don't want to.

What are the dimensions of the rOcean One?
The rOcean One is 14 3/4 inches tall, 16 1/2 inches long, and 5 inches deep, so it will fit on most countertops. The bottle area is 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide, meaning it can accommodate almost any bottle size.

How easy is it to set up in my home?
You can either spend five minutes connecting your rOcean to your faucet tip using the included kit, or you can have a professional spend 15 minutes connecting it to the cold water supply line under the sink. Either way, it’s incredibly easy to start using your rOcean.

Even if you have a non-standard tap, we provide several different adaptors that fit the majority of faucets in the US and Europe. However, if the adaptors we provide still do not fit your tap, our professional installation options is your best bet.
What type of water filtration does rOcean use?
rOcean uses carbon block filtration technology that is certified by the National Science Foundation to effectively filter over 75 contaminants from drinking water. That's 15x more effective than pitcher filters! Plus, you can filter up to 300 gallons of water before you need to replace it. Here's what our filter removes from drinking water:

Another great thing is that our filters can be equipped to target specific contaminants in each customer’s tap water. If you want to see the full list of contaminants or have specific questions concerning your own tap water, feel free to contact us!
What makes carbon block filtration so special?
Carbon block filters are smaller, faster, and more efficient than alternate filtration methods, such as reverse osmosis and distillation. Reverse osmosis wastes 4 liters of water per 1 liter of potable water produced, and it requires a large 3 x 2 feet under-the-counter system. Meanwhile, distillation can take 2 hours to produce a single liter of water, and uses as much energy as an air conditioning unit. The small size of carbon block technology is what allows the filter to fit discreetly and elegantly inside of the machine’s small countertop footprint.
Does the rOcean filter remove microplastics?
The rOcean sub-micron water filter can trap particles smaller than a single micron in size, meaning that it has no problem filtering microplastics, including synthetic fibers which have a diameter of 10 microns in size. Microplastics are not visible to the naked eye, but have been found in 94% of US tap water samples, and are becoming an increasingly large cause of concern to the scientific community, although their impact on human health has not yet been fully assessed.
How often will I need to replace the filter? How much will it cost?
Most households will only need to replace their rOcean filter once a year. Your rOcean keeps track of filter usage so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to reorder a new one.

Our replacement filters cost $36.50. While it might seem like a bizarre price point, we priced it specifically to be $3/month with our (optional) subscription program, so you can see how much you save monthly and yearly.
Is the water refrigerated?
To minimize rOcean’s footprint on your kitchen counter—and the environment, we left out refrigeration. The typical temperature of the water coming from your city’s underground pipes is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s colder than you’d ever want to swim in, and definitely cold enough for drinking. Since rOcean quickly refills large pitchers and carafes, it’s easy to keep your fridge fully stocked with your favorite drinks, at the temperature you want.
Are rOcean pods like other flavor pods?
Not at all. While other pods are disposable and 'single use', our patent-pending rPods can be used over and over again. When filled to the brim, a single rPod can produce 5 liters or more of your favorite beverage. When a rPod is empty, simply wash it in your sink or dishwasher and refill it with our environmentally friendly refill packages, or with your own recipes. This is truly flavoring without the waste.

How much do rPod refills cost?
The refills for the rPods will produce up to 50L of flavored/enhanced water and cost on $15 each.

What kind of CO2 cartridge does the rOcean One use?
The rOcean One uses industry standard, refillable compressed CO2 tanks for carbonation. Each rOcean One comes with a CO2 tank and replacement tanks will be readily available for re-order from And with our app, CO2, filters, and pods can be automatically reordered before you ever run out!

How long will a single CO2 cartridge last? How much will they cost?
We offer a range of standard CO2 options, so it depends which you choose. At launch, we'll have cartridges that will last you anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Our CO2 cartridges cost between $10 and $30, depending on the size of the cartridge you need.