Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Rocean One offer that I can't get from my standard pitcher filter?

The Rocean One is the first smart water device built for both homes and commercial environments to filter, flavor and carbonate your water. Our goal is to provide you with the same convenience and breadth of beverage choices that what you've come to expect from the local supermarket - without the plastic and at a fraction of the carbon footprint.


I drink bottled water because I don't trust the filtration of tap water. How do I know that the water that comes from Rocean One is just as pure - or purer - than bottled water?

When it comes to water purity, the bottled water industry is actually less regulated than the water that comes from our tap. This means that even after spending money on bottled water and generating a significant carbon footprint, you may still be drinking water that contains contaminants and microplastics. Our carbon block filtration system is 15x more powerful and removes 75 more contaminants than a standard pitcher filter.


When it comes to enhanced water, I'm very particular about the level of flavoring and the amount of carbonation. That's why I have my preferred water brands. How would the Rocean One replicate my same preferred taste?

Our team of engineers have spent over 2 years developing our "Precise Personalization" system that allows you to re-create your favorite beverages or create something entirely new. Our RFID-enabled pod technology allows you to select your preferred level of carbonation and flavoring. And through our branded pod partnerships, you can re-create your favorite flavored water beverages (that you're currently drinking from a plastic bottle.)


How long does it take to install?

With our remote reservoir system, you can start using your Rocean One immediately or you can have a professional spend 15 minutes connecting it to the cold water supply line under the sink. Either way, it’s incredibly easy to start using your rocean.


How much space will Rocean occupy on my countertop?

We designed rocean to fit perfectly under your cabinet and occupy half the counter space of a standard toaster oven. The size varies depending on whether you opt for the remote reservoir or the plumbed-in option, and measures approximately 15" tall, 16" long and 5" deep.


Do I need to purchase a specific bottle to use with my rocean?

No. The Rocean One is designed to be used with any bottle or even a single glass. You do not need to purchase any specific bottles to properly use the device.


What bottle sizes can the Rocean One accommodate?

The bottle area on the Rocean One is approximately 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide, meaning it can accommodate almost any bottle size or even a single glass. Our touch-screen dispenser means that you can fill your carafe, water bottle or even a small sip of your preferred water beverage.


How many drinks can I make with one flavor pod?

Depending on your preferred amount of flavoring, 2 flavor pods can make 48 bottles of flavored water at approximately 1/5th the cost.  


How much sparkling water does one CO2 canister yield?

1 CO2 canister can make up to 30 17oz bottles of sparkling water at approximately 1/3rd the cost.


How often do I need to replace the filter?

Most households will only need to replace their filter once a year. As a smart device, your Rocean One will keep track of your filter usage and remind you as it's time to re-order a new filter.


Is the water refrigerated?

To minimize rocean’s footprint on your kitchen counter - and the environment - we left out refrigeration. The typical temperature of the water coming from your city’s underground pipes is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Rocean One quickly refills large pitchers and carafes, it’s easy to keep your fridge stocked with your favorite drinks at the temperature you want.


What type of water filtration does rocean use?

rocean uses carbon block filtration technology that is certified by the National Science Foundation to effectively filter over 75 contaminants from drinking water. That's 15x more effective than pitcher filters. Plus, you can filter up to 300 gallons of water before you need to replace it. Here's what our filter removes from drinking water:


What makes carbon block filtration so effective?

Carbon block filters are smaller, faster, and more efficient than alternate filtration methods, such as reverse osmosis and distillation. Reverse osmosis wastes 4 liters of water per 1 liter of potable water produced, and it requires a large 3' x 2' feet under-the-counter system. Meanwhile, distillation can take 2 hours to produce a single liter of water, and uses as much energy as an air conditioning unit.


Does the Rocean filter remove microplastics?

Our submicron water filter traps particles smaller than a single micron in size, meaning that it has no problem filtering microplastics, including synthetic fibers which have a diameter of 10 microns in size. Microplastics are not visible to the naked eye, but have been found in 94% of US tap water samples, and are becoming an increasingly large cause of concern to the scientific community, although their impact on human health has not yet been fully assessed.


Does the rocean filter remove flouride?

Our advanced submicron carbon block filter has been rigorously engineered and re-engineered to effectively reduce upwards of 99% of a multitude of contaminants, including the most dangerous such as asbestos, cysts, industrial chemicals, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and microplastics. It does not, however, significantly reduce fluoride which, in tap water in the US is typically below 0.7 ppm (well below any known risk levels) Here's a full list of contaminants our filter removes from drinking water: