Rocean Reservoir

The Rocean Reservoir holds two liters of fresh, filtered water on-demand, so you can enjoy the healthiest drink on the planet from anywhere.

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You don’t need a sink to drink

A five-minute set up and sleek design means you can put a Reservoir anywhere, so your guests will have access to cleaner water — and more of it.

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The best water can come from a tap

No more standing water and no more standing around. Just tap a button for fresh water, anytime.

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Not all water is created equal

The Reservoir is a smart, self-monitored device with an easy-to-read status indicator that alerts your staff when it’s time to change a filter. With device-specific tracking, you’ll save money and your guests will never go without.

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  • On-demand filtration

  • Advanced Clean technology

  • Sustainable solution

  • Award-winning design

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