Rocean Zero

The best-in-class filtration machine that plugs directly into your waterline and blows everything else out of the water.

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Plug and play

Gone are the days of replacements and refills. With a quick-and-simple installation, the Zero plugs into the waterline, so your staff will never again have to change a filter or refill a tank.

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Tap your fleet

Take the work out of how you water. Easy-to-use fleet dashboards help your staff to manage filter replenishment and device maintenance in a single snapshot.

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The power of the collective

Zero’s smart, heads-up display shows real-time stats that measure how many single-use bottles you’ve saved, allowing guests to understand your sustainability mission and track the part they play in it.

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  • On-demand filtration

  • Advanced Clean technology

  • Sustainable solution

  • Award-winning design

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