Rocean One

World's First All-in-One Smart Water Device

$199.00 $349.00

No more time spent refilling pitchers, lugging out recycling, and running to the store. Rocean One filters, carbonates, and flavors water directly from your tap, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without the chores.

Our first 1,000 models sold out on Indiegogo in April. For a limited time, we're making an additional 500 units available. Estimated to ship Summer 2019.

Your order includes:

Water Filter x 1
Carbon block filtration technology that is certified by the National Science Foundation to effectively filter more than 99% VOCs, Lead, Asbestos, Cysts, Mercury, Chorine, and 75+ other key contaminants.

CO2 Tank x 1 
Rocean One uses industry standard, refillable compressed CO2 tanks for carbonation. Cartridges last from 2 weeks to 1 month.
    Flavor Pods x 3 
    Patent-pending eco-friendly rPods are reusable and dishwasher safe. Each produces over 5 liters of flavored beverage between refills.


    Water has never been this easy:
      • Professional & DIV installation options
      • Automatic filter, CO2, and flavor pack refills
      • Unlimited water beverages at the push of a button



      Dimensions: 14.75" x 16.5"  (only 5" deep)
      Water Output: More than 500 mg of water per minute
      Power Consumption: 0.66 w - 5 W (110V)


      DIY tap connection takes only 5 minutes. Or use your trusted professional for under sink installation.

      P.S. The Rocean App tracks your cost savings over time, so you can see the benefits of better decisions for yourself.